Specialty: adapting existing houses to the changing needs of families.

Some families are expanding and need extra space. Others have older members requiring more comfortable living arrangements. Sometimes the existing home simply can't be adapted economically, and a new house must be designed. We do that too.

Our working method is centered on beauty, aesthetics and economy of means.

But most importantly, our work encourages deep collaboration with every interested member of the household. We hold design sessions where everyone gets to participate, hands-on. And we are careful to advise when it is better (or cheaper) to build a new house than to remodel the existing.


Services: A full-service architectural firm, providing personalized services, with dedication and attention to aesthetics and cost.

Our work begins at the earliest conceptual stages of a home's design, and continues through the most detailed phases, including color and finish selection. 

We develop technical construction drawings, help obtain building permits and assist with selection of contractors. We stay involved until the final walk-through inspection when the project is completed and final payment made to the builder.

We help select and coordinate the work of consultants. Over the years we have developed a carefully-selected list of quality consultants with whom we collaborate: engineers, surveyors and landscape architects.

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Method: Close collaboration between owner and architect results in a better project.

We use carefully-developed exercises in which client and architect jointly engage in planning and designing activities. The results pinpoint the owner's needs, identify unique design opportunities, and resolve design dilemmas. The goal is to create homes where families can enjoy happier, healthier lives.

We listen with care to the entire family, and prepare a series of design alternatives (including the owners' own design ideas) to be jointly analyzed by everyone. We interpret with care what the family needs in a home, and then create a design that is beautiful, cost-effective and conserving of resources.