It is one of the most contentious issues when designing single-family additions and houses for private clients: storage space. Everyone always wants more. Bigger closets, more storage nooks and crannies, platform beds with storage beneath, a Costco closet for those enormous packs of paper towels; all these options and more. It’s no wonder that the National Association of Realtors says that 55% of recent home buyers want more storage, 52% want more closets and are willing to pay more for those features.


When storage space must be limited for budgetary (or other) reasons, folks compete for storage space, leaving this architect in the middle. The actual amount of closet space they need is often unknown, because nobody has ever measured the existing storage space. This crucial bit of information will help us understand how much storage space to include in the new house (or addition).

So please relieve your suffering architect: measure your current closets and storage space. Apply a ruler or tape measure to one end of a row of hanging clothes, and measure the distance to the far end. If there are two rows in a closet, make sure to measure both. Measure shoe storage, and folded clothes storage as well.

Linear feet of clothes storage: a critical measure that helps identify the amount of storage needed.

Thank you.